Ballerina Starter Set

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Ballerina Starter Set



The essentials for every new ballerina. Set contains: 'Clara' pink skirted leotard in cotton lycra with georgette skirt and cross detail at back. Pink cotton lycra headband. Pink ballet socks.

Fitting Guide

Finding a perfect dance shoe or garment is very satisfying. But getting the right size is essential – it affects performance (and appearance!). So, here’s our guide to ensure you have the best fit possible.


Leotards, like swimsuits, should fit smoothly, without wrinkles across the body of the leotard.

If in doubt, check the growth room of a leotard by gently pulling up the shoulders of the leotard. The optimal amount of growth room is when the leotard stretches to the bottom of the ear. (This gives a minimum of a few inches of growing room). If the leotard can stretch beyond the top of the ear, it is too big!

Ballet shoes - too big

Too big

Stretches beyond the top of the ear.

Ballet shoes - too small

Just right

Does not stretch above ears.