RAD approved character skirt in blue and white


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RAD approved character skirt in blue and white



RAD approved black character skirt with light blue, dark blue and white ribbons.

Fitting Guide

Finding a perfect dance shoe or garment is very satisfying. But getting the right size is essential – it affects performance (and appearance!). So, here’s our guide to ensure you have the best fit possible.

Character Skirts

Waist size is hopefully straightforward (just measure the waist around the stomach, level with the tummy-button). Our skirts have adjustable waists with fairly long strips of Velcro – so the skirt should ‘grow’ with your child for quite some time.

Skirt length is slightly debatable – different schools have different views, so always check with your teacher. The most popular view on length is that the skirt should be approximately 1-3 inches below the knee (as shown in the picture). Any lower and it becomes difficult for the teacher to see the child’s legwork when dancing.

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